Skeoch Technologies

Skeoch Technologies views on privacy, and our legal responsibilities.

We are based in the European Union which has strong laws on an individual’s rights to privacy, not only do we wish to avoid dealing with the paperwork we also fundamentally agree with these privacy rights and as such we do not use our software to snoop on you or gather your information. You can use our apps and we never know a single thing about you, and that’s how it should be.

At present the only time an exception to the above would happen is should you contact us for support via email, in this case we will know your email address and any information you would happen to include in these emails. We would treat this data privately and securely, and such data would be erased shortly after it was no longer necessary for us to require. You are also legally entitled to request deletion of this data which would be done upon request provided it was not legally required to be maintained.

For more information on the European Union laws on private data (2016/679 - General Data Protection Regulation) please visit